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Communicating with humans vs computers

2 minute read

Communicating with humans is one of the most complicated, discouraging, enigmatic processes I have ever endeavored to undertake. I speak English far better t...

My thoughts on government welfare programs

13 minute read

(My own words, because this program seems to be useful): help your voice be heard by policy-makers and lawmakers. If you’re not signed up for VOCA yet, pleas...

Work from home work station (monitor and stand)

4 minute read

Finding the right tools for the job and doing the right research is a pain in the butt. Nevertheless, I have a tendency to (eventually) put in the research a...

Find Peace Among the Chaos

less than 1 minute read

I was in a small airplane and all of the sudden the engine on the wing caught fire. It exploded and burning oil was poured all over the right side of the ...

Where will your beliefs take you?

4 minute read

What I’m about to describe is a terrible tragedy. I say this somberly and seriously. I think we can learn from this and find a better path forward. I hope it...

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Bulk File Renaming in Linux

4 minute read

Sometimes I need to rename a bunch of files all at once. This is especially useful when mass-renaming/bulk-renaming photos. For instance, I want to rename fi...

Is Trump the next Amlici?

16 minute read

He’s powerful. He’s strong. He’s assertive. And he’s not afraid to undermine the rights of voters in the free democratic election process to take away people...

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